Issued certificate marked as not valid

I created on Dreamhost a Let’s Encrypt certificate for my domain:, however the browser marks it as insecure.

I’m not sure why but it says that the issuer is not recognized or it looks as if it was a self-signed certificate rather than one from let’s encrypt. as there is nothing in the certificate that says ‘let’s encrypt’.

Are you sure you selected Let’s Encrypt SSL from the certificate selection screen in DreamHost’s control panel and not Self-signed SSL?

Both are prominently marked as Free in the control panel so it’s very easy to accidentally pick the wrong option. :tired_face:

Yes I’m Sure.

Because in the domains panel where I can see the certificates, it says that it has a Let’s Encrypt certificate set up for that domain.

If you just recently changed it, give it some time. Often DreamHost’s control panel is slow to make changes.

If it’s been more than an hour since you set the certificate in the control panel, contact DreamHost support using the link at the bottom of your control panel menu, as it may have got stuck somewhere.

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Ok thank you :), I will talk with support. It has been about 4 hours since i configured it :frowning:

Well it just magically worked now. Maybe I just needed to wait some time.

Thank you any way!


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