Hi , can anyone help me please..I'm trying to contact the site ( www.nicevin.org ) but there is no contact number only email and when I'm sending email. Gmail and yahoo replying ( Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address ) even in contact privacy i cannot find any contact number or email. Please help me.....

What made you think this forum would be a way to contact the operators of that site?


Even if Let's Encrypt has anything related to that site recorded, what makes you think Let's Encrypt will hand out contact information to any random internet user? That would indeed be a gross privacy violation!

Of course unless you're an official with the power to actually request such a thing (e.g. public prosecutor with a warrant of a judge et cetera comes to mind, although I'm not an expert in that field)..

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Hi Arkan, and welcome to the Let's Encrypt community forum!

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to be able to help with this. Let's Encrypt is a Certificate Authority that provides domain-validated certificates to make SSL encryption freely available for the whole web. While it does appear that the site you're interested in uses a certificate issued by Let's Encrypt, we do not have any personal or business relationship with the site. We cannot provide contact information, and we cannot fix their misconfigured mail server.

I'm sorry that we can't help. Maybe try seeing if the site operators have a social media presence somewhere?


Ok. Thank you very much

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So why this site publishing car with without any information and email or contact number..even they published my car ..this is illegal

Beats me why they'd do that. Please take anything illegal up with the responsible authorities. If the authorities decide to ask Let's Encrypt for contact information and they are legally in their right, I'm sure Let's Encrypt will deal with this matter through the Let's Encrypt legal department. But this (a thread on the Community) is not the appropriate way.

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