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Would you be able to help in the following issue. Last week I filled a form where I added information regarding our company/team contact information and other information regarding how we use Lets-Encrypt in our company (this was for companies who have requested higher rate limits). I would like to update the email recipient from only me to include our whole team.

Our domain is:

The form I filled was accessed through this link:
Let's Encrypt Large Integrator Information (

Could you please help.

B.R. Taneli

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Hello @TaneliK

This is one for @lestaff

While you wait, here is the section on the form about group email. I guess they would prefer not having a long list of specific emails as they often change.

What is the best email to reach the person or team at your organization responsible for the Let's Encrypt integration? *
Since this is just a technical communications email, a group alias or a way for Let's Encrypt communications to enter your workflow would be ideal.


Thank you for your support @MikeMcQ . I wouldn't know what to do without people like you :+1:


Hi @TaneliK,

I talked with our staff that handle that form, and they say the best way is to simply resubmit it with the updated address.



I have now done as you @jsha you have instructed :+1:

I will try to get our company support you financially (lets-encrypt/this community). Could you please provide me information about:
A) what is the typical sum a company our size (1400 employees, 100M turnover) would use for financial support
B) what are the transaction details

Thank you. Taneli out, Peace :pray:


It's up to you, but of you want to become a sponsor it goes from 50k to 350k+ Become a Sponsor - Internet Security Research Group

There's an email on the same page :wink:

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Thank you. Will look into this now :+1:


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