Please remove old thread / question about renewing

Hello members,

please remove my entire thread.

It is not enough to just remove the domain names. We are trying to prevent reputational damage so fast acting is required / appreciated.

Best Regards


Hello team,

I saw that you unlisted the thread. So you can not find it as an result of a query via the letsencrypt community search plugin (magnifier on the top right).
We remain to wish for an entire deletion of this thread.

It is still possible with certain search terms to find the company name(s) and this letsencrypt thread
on for example Google.

If you have any questions regarding this, please just ask me here in the comments.

Best regards


Hi @digitalforensics

my personal position (I’m not Letsencrypt!):

If you want help, your domain name is required. This is a public forum, so your question and the answers are public visible. Other users can read and learn.

That’t the main idea of this forum.

If you don’t want that: Please buy a certificate. Then you have “hidden support”.


Support for Let’s Encrypt services is community-based and information on current status and outages can be found at:

So: If you don’t want that, Letsencrypt is the wrong CA.

Hello @JuergenAuer,

I can fully understand your point of view.

Let me explain my reasoning behind this:
Unfortunately I did something very wrong back when I created the thread.
I did not ask for permission for our customer (domain name holder) to publish his information and created the post without him knowing about it.
I therefor might have broken some regulations regarding data privacy with the customer.
I want to undo my mistake with your help.

I would be most grateful if you could delete the thread mentioned in my initial post.

Best Regards


That’s completely unrelevant. The domain of your customer is public, so the domain name is visible in CT logs.

And there are no “hidden secrets” shared. Domain properties are public, that’s how this forum works.

If your customer doesn’t want that, he has to buy a certificate.

Thank you for your fast reply!

I understand that you want to have the issue and solution remain publicly available to help other letsencrypt users for similar issues in the future. I know myself how helpful it is to have a valid solution posted and have been often in this situation to be gladful and happy to find an working fix / workaround for certain problems.

I am curious about the possibilty of the anonysmisation of the domain names in the old thread.
We would appreciate this solution and your users can remain profiting from the given information and the posted problem solution, regardless of its authencity for the entered domain names.

Best regards


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