Need a details of the site for which you have given SSL certificate, Site: https://[removed].com/

Sorry, the issue is not related to this community but I am stuck with this site (

I placed an order 20 days ago so far I have not received any updates and progress, I tried to connect with contact number and email id, but it did not work.

As I have checked the lock (secure parameter) of the website SSL lock so I need your help or just tell me if it is a legal site.

Hi @rahuldy143

that's not a problem of this forum.

Please ask there. Or ignore that site and switch to another company.

Nobody knows that. Please check the FAQ:

Using a Letsencrypt certificate is possible without any "legal check".

Those two things are different entirely. Unfortunately, it's a common misconception that a green TLS lock in the browser also means a site is trustworthy. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The only thing a green TLS lock in your browser signifies is that the contents of the site has been securely transfered to your browser without anyone in the middle be able to look at that data or change that data. It does NOT tell you anything about the site or its contents itself.

Therefore, "we" (the volunteers of this Community) nor Let's Encrypt can help you with this.

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The domain was registered 18 days ago.
None of the links (other that purchasing items) work.
I would suggest that if you gave them any money, try to cancel that transfer.

And I can't even see how you would have been able to reach the domain 20 days ago.

Thank you @rg305, I ordered on 4 or 5 November 2020.

Thank you @JuergenAuer.

Thank you @Osiris, It was my fault but now I am trying for a solution.

If the tip from @rg305 (about trying to cancel the money transfer) doesn't help, I guess the other possible solutions are to go to the police or cut your losses and learn from the experience and try not to fall for the same thing again.

Well, it does tell you one other thing: that the person or entity operating the site today demonstrated control over the domain name in question at or about the time the cert was issued. But, of course, it doesn't say anything about the the legality, reliability, honesty, identity, etc. of the site operators. @rahuldy143, no certificate does that (or has ever done that), other than with respect to identity. If the site used an expensive EV certificate (the kind that used to give you the company name in your browser bar), you could be reasonably sure that the site was operated by that company, but that still wouldn't tell you anything about whether you should trust them.

The only thing anyone at Let's Encrypt could possibly tell you would be the domain name (which you obviously already know), possibly the email address used when the account was registered (if one was used at all), but none of that is likely to be useful. The domain is registered through GoDaddy; you may be able to obtain some additional information from them (or pursue an abuse complaint through them if needed).


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