Issues with Renewed Lets Encrypt SSL

My domain is: I renewed the Lets Encrypt SSL on this domain and the process was successful but my website still loads NOT SECURED and when I check the status of my SSL on or, it still shows EXPIRED. What could be the cause of this?

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Did you reload/restart your webserver?

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Please be careful. You’ve already renewed your certificate three times. If you got a certificate issued the first time, but “”“it didn’t work”"", it most likely “”“won’t work”"" the second or third time too (due to other issues at hand than the issuance of the certificate itself).

Further more, perhaps @9peppe s idea is the solution (it probably is :wink: ), but you’re giving us not very much information to work with. This Help section of the Community has a questionnaire when you started this thread. For some reason you either did not get that questionnaire (which I doubt) or you deleted it for the most part. I would recommend you NOT to do that. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answers to questions: just say so. But now…? Way too little information to give good advice.

For example, if reloading your webserver indeed is the solution, you might want to have that done automatically on renewal. But we can’t say anything about how to do that by lack of information.

Thank you very much. No i did not reload my webserver. The hosting provider would have to do that. I will try to provide more information about the issue.

Thank you for your response. No i did not. I guess the hosting provider will do that for me.

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