Windows IIS support with dotster as registrar

I have a domain with dotster as my registrar and run IIS for a webserver on windows at my location. How would i go about getting a cert for my domain? Compatibility is listed as working with IIS7+, will a cert also work with IIS versions prior to 7?

I also do not want to have to use unofficial software to create and automatically install my cert. Is there a way I can get the files necessary for my cert to:

  1. allow me to host webs using https
  2. use it to support secure SMTP/POP operations?

and is there another way I can validate that the domain is mine manually rather than via automated tools?


For “manual” verification you may be better with one of the alternate clients suchs as the “browser” clients - which don’t require you to install any software on your server. Of course you need to manually update it again every 60-70 days.

The certificate is fully compatible with secure HTTPS / SMTP/ POP operations, yes.

Hi BB1976

I wrote an article on how to do this with IIS. Will work with IIS before 7 as we install in to the microsoft trust store.

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