Can I use certbot certificate with IIS

can I use certbot certificate with IIS

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Hi @ali88

there is a beta certbot:

And there are some other clients.

Check the Windows part:


One very relevant part of the post that @JuergenAuer linked to:

For now, no installer plugins are available. apache and nginx will be available soon, and a new installer for IIS is under development. This means that you will obtain a PEM-formatted certificate and will have to import it into your web server application or keystore by yourself. This may also require you to convert the certificate from PEM format into a different format first.

To use Certbot on Windows right now, or to use Certbot-obtained certificates with IIS in general, you currently will have to do a format conversion in order to import the certificate and key data into your keystore for IIS.


This question is confusing me...
Which do you mean:

  • Can I use certbot with IIS?
  • Can I use an LE certificate with IIS?
  • Can I use cerbot to obtain an LE certificate for use with IIS?

[certbot is an ACME client - that can get certificates - but not a type of certificate]

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