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Does LE support ASP.Net websites?

Step by step guide on using Let's Encrypt to implement SSL (https)

Hi @osstekz,

The compatibility will depend on what web server server you’re running ASP.NET under; I don’t know what options currently exist.

If it’s IIS, then we don’t currently have compatibility for issuing certificates automatically (though some people are working on that). It would be possible to obtain the certificate on another computer and then import it into the IIS server.

Right now the automated issuance and installation of certificates works with Apache and Nginx. We hope that list will grow over time.


Thank you for reply!

Our public site’s host provider I believe is running IIS7.5. I would be interested in getting & trying your certificates by providing a DNS authentication if possible. Could I then add the cert to my root website folder and publish to host server? My GoDaddy sslcert has expired and would like to try a free one from LE first.

Thanks again!


We have currently not implemented the DNS authentication method, so the best way to do this with IIS given the current state of the technology is probably to get access temporarily to a Unix server running the client in manual or standalone modes. In standalone mode, you would get PEM files (private key, cert, and chain) which you could presumably copy to your server (hopefully over SCP or SFTP so that they’re not exposed to the Internet unencrypted!) and import.

There are people working on direct IIS support so that you don’t have to use a separate Unix server, but I don’t know when that will be completed.

Please note that the general public availability of Let’s Encrypt certs is now scheduled for November, so this isn’t something that you would be able to do immediately as a replacement for your GoDaddy cert.