ISP Support Let's Encrypt?


My ISP (Web Host 4 Life) doesn’t obviously support Let’s Encrypt. I asked, they said they would consider it. They claim to offer lots of administrative tools. It is Unix based and I am willing to play around. Is there a way?



There are two halves to the problem, I recommend thinking about each in turn.

Firstly, obtaining a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. You will need to prove control over every name you want listed in the certificate. and are two different names. You can prove control manually by having software such as Certbot create a special file and tell you where to put it on your website. But certificates expire in 90 days, so it is better to find a way to have machines do this work.

Secondly, installing the certificate into the web server. If the service provider doesn’t provide any way to do this, it may be impossible, or you may need to pay them to install each new certificate, which would get expensive. You should investigate how to do this before putting much time into the easier first part.


After thinking about the considerations that @tialaramex suggests, you could look at

If you do not have root access to your server, you will most likely need the administrator’s help at least for installing the certificates (unless there’s also a control panel that lets you import certificates that you’ve obtained from a CA). Hence @tialaramex’s point that this may not be possible to automate.


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