Win-acme RDS Server 2016

This might be an Windows 2016 RDS question:

I’ve installed win-acme with no issues, IIS has the correct certificate and is working, for remote users RDS is using the correct certificate. Everything user-end works as expected.

However in Server Manager > RDS > Edit Deployment Options > Certificates I see 'Current Deployment certificate level is not configured", along with not configured for each role (Broker, Web Access, Gateway)
But in tools > RDS > Gateway Manager > Properties > SSL Certificate the correct SSL certificate is selected.

Can I ignore the Deployment Options in this case? (again RDS is working as expected)

I ran this command:
wacs.exe --test --verbose --target manual --installationsiteid 1 --emailaddress matt@mydomain.local --accepttos yes --host ##withheld## --installation iis,script --script “c:\LetsEncrypt\Scripts\PSRDSCerts.bat” --scriptparameters “{CertThumbprint}”

Hi @ZebisNZ

I'm not so firm with these options. But isn't that something if the server has to deploy certificates to different clients?


you should ask in a Windows-specific forum.

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