Server 2012 - win-simple

Running server 2012, need to renew certificates.
Using win-acme Originally used this to create certificates.

Currently our RDS Services have expired status.
I have renewed the certificate, but can’t find it.
Is it on my local system somewhere?

On a Server 2012 RDS Services Farm,
I did the following steps to resolve.

  1. Renewed certificate

  2. Opened IIS on the RDS Web/Gateway/Broker server, clicked Certificates Icon

  3. Located the new certificate created by “letsEncrypt”.
    Exported the new certificate to pfx format with a password to a know path on my RDWEB services server.

  4. Imported the certificate to each RDS Role /Service (Connection Broker/Access Gateway)

  5. The certificates are all corrected.
    Till the next issue…

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