RDS w RD Gateway

Anyone ran into running the Acme/Lets encrypt "auto" cert utility on an RDS server? everything appeared to go off without a hitch, as I can now access my remote app site publicly, but the cert did not install to the collection in the RD connection broker/web access/Rdgateway

Did you restart all of those services after the certificate was applied? I'm guessing you're using win-acme, if so that has a range of different example scripts win-acme/dist/Scripts at master · win-acme/win-acme · GitHub

Certify The Web (my app) also has a basic deployment task for RDP services but any multi-server scenarios etc will likely need custom scripting to cover all the services you need to update.

You always got two steps, which are independent from each other:

  • renewing the actual certificate
  • deployment (applying the certificate to your services)
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