Windows Server 2012 and Apache 2.2.24 - any hope at all?

I realise everyone is probably screaming in horror at the above combination, but I am trying to help a completely blind friend with his learning/hobby sites (two domains).

For better or worse, this is the software he is happy with on his remotely-hosted dedicated server. I have tried reading various blog posts and they all refer to IIS on Windows Server. I also see that there have been quite a few recent updates surrounding ACME V2 in the last couple of days.

I have a fully working Cerbot on Ubuntu, and one thing I was thinking of was getting him to temporarily point his DNS to my server, then grab the cert, then send the bundle to him… but then, is the generated cert going to be compatible? It needs to be completely valid!

I know really nothing of Apache on Windows, but he seems familiar with it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Yes. Private keys and certificates are completely platform-agnostic.

Of the listed client options for Windows, it appears that at least win-acme supports the combination of Windows + Apache: GitHub - win-acme/win-acme: A simple ACME client for Windows (for use with Let's Encrypt et al.)

It might not install the certificate to the Apache configuration as Certbot does, but at minimum it should be capable of automatically issuing and renewing the certificate, which you can then use in your httpd configs.


Thank you for the rapid response - although, that refers to apache 2.4x and he is on apache 2.2x - are you aware of any problems that might cause?

It will not matter at all, since there is nothing Apache specific in the software. That wiki entry would work for any web server, since all it relies on is the ability to write a file into the webroot.

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Great - all sorted now. Many thanks for your help - so easy when you know how!

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