WINDOWS APACHE24 config link to certbot/live directory

I'm new in this forum and using apache24 on a win10 desktop. i have successfully created my certificate with certbot and now searching the apache24 config entries to link the certificates from the certbot/live directory. can anyone provide me a hint or a infolink how this must b accomplished? I made some research in the web but have not found relevant information. . . .
Thanks for any help
Cheers Hans

Hi @hz46, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Apache for Windows is configured much like Apache for Linux.
Have you ever defined a TLS enabled virtual host in Apache?

Hi Rudy

Thanks for your hint. Have not (yet) enabled TLS in my APACHE engine. Will try TLS and look intoy a LINUX conf how to configure ist for certbot certificates. Will work on this Saturday(out of office tomorow).

Cheers Hans

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If all else fails certbot may be able to create a (very default) TLS enabled vhost from the HTTP vhost.

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I found the solution. I used acme for WIN11. After generating the .pem certificate files, I adjusted the filepath & names in the sslconfig file for APACHE24. Everything works fine now and as intended. This saved me the day . . .
Cheers Hans

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That's how it's done for all Apache(ies).

In this case, any Windows ACME client that produces .pem files would also solve this problem (this way).

In any case, I am glad to hear that your site is now encrypted :slight_smile:

Cheers from Miami :beers:


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