Manage Engine Desktop Central Apache/Windows SSL Certificate


I have setup a Manage Engine Desktop Central on a Windows Server 2019 virtual machine and want to secure the communications between the server and the client using an SSL certificate from letsencrypt.

I’ve been advised by Manage Engine the web server runs Apache in Windows, not IIS.

I have followed this Manage Engine guide and generated the private.key and server.csr.

The next step is to create a SSL certificate using letsencrypt, which I am strugling to find any documentation or guides on how to do this on a Windows Server 2019 running an apache webserver.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


We have a lot of documentation to help you get started here:

Essentially the first step is selecting an ACME Client. With most ACME Clients, you do not need to manually generate keys and CSRs. This is not an exhaustive list of ACME clients for Windows, but this is a place to start:

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