Why there is a need to renew our domain?

What mistakes we do due to which we have to renew our domain or isn't it our mistakes? I don't know much about it

Hi @bloggerr, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

In short: LE certificates are only issued for 90 days - so, they must be renewed before they expire.

In depth: You may need to provide more information/context for us to understand your situation and your question enough to provide a more coherent/relevant answer.

It may be the case that you received an email stating that one of your certs will be expiring soon.
It may be the case that your web site certificate has expired and you are seeing security warnings.
It may be the case that you just don't understand why you can't just do it once and be done with it.
It may be the case that ...


It's hard to tell from your question if you are talking about certificates or domains.

Both certificates and domains expire.

For domains specifically (which what you asked about) you generally pay to renew it with your domain registrar annually, and if you don't do that they usually take back control of the domain, or someone else buys it.

Certificates (which Let's Encrypt is all about) are different and are generally free, they usually expire every 90 days and are normally renewed automatically by your system if properly set up.


Will we pay to renew domain?

Domain names are generally not free to have/renew.
LE certificates are always FREE.


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