Certificate Expiring on 3/25/2021

Hello. I am very new to how certificates all work. The company I work for has a website with a certificate expiring on 3/25/2021. How do I go about getting this renew so I can avoid any issues?

My domain is: stcam.com

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Hi there. Let's Encrypt certificates are usually setup in such a way that you don't have to do anything for them to renew automatically. This should happen roughly 30 days before the previous cert expires. But since yours is going to expire in about 13 days, something may have gone wrong with the automated renewal process (assuming one was actually setup).

However, folks here aren't going to be able to help much without more information about your website configuration. Are you still in contact with whoever set the certificate up originally? Can you give some more info on things like what operating system the site runs on, what web server it is using, and what client you're using to get the certificate? If you don't directly manage the server and the site is hosted on a web hosting platform, that info would be useful as well.


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