Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain "mydomain.org" (and 2 more)

Hi all,
today I received an email that tells me that Let’s Encrypt certificates on my domains will expire in 20 days.


I have certbot that renew the certificates every 30 day.
If I connect to my site I can see that the expiration of the certificate is on 30th august 2018…

Why I received that email?


Did you make a change to your certificate a little over two months ago? Adding or removing a domain name, perhaps?

Hi @sblantipodi

Did you create a new certificate ~~ 30.03.2018? Then this certificate produces that mail.

I have certbot that renew the certificates every 30 day.

Normally, renewing after 60 - 70 days is enough. A certificate expires after 90 days.

No I started using certbot and let’s encrypt before march, don’t remmeber exactly when. So the mail is not “smart”, it’s doesn’t check if the certificate has been renewer, it’s just an email sent just to remember to renew the certificate based on the date when it is created the first time?

As the email said:

For details about when we send these emails, please visit
Expiration Emails - Let's Encrypt. In particular, note
that this reminder email is still sent if you've obtained a slightly
different certificate by adding or removing names. If you've replaced
this certificate with a newer one that covers more or fewer names than
the list above, you may be able to ignore this message.

It won't send an email if a newer certificate for the exact same set of names has since been issued.

Edit: What certificate is it?

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