Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for my domain

I received an email this morning about the expiration of my certificate next month. I checked my hosting and I see that they would renew automatically 30 days before expiration. I checked my certificate and it says that it will outdate next March. What’s wrong? is it renewed and I received an e-mail?I would like to say that one of domain associated with my hosting disappeared one month ago, and it appears in the mail. how can i delete it?

If you take another look at that email, you’ll notice an explanation at the bottom telling you that you will still receive the notice if you slightly changed any of your certificates, and you may be able to disregard it in that case.

Let’s Encrypt has no way of knowing how you use for certificates, so there’s no guarantee that the new one is actually replacing the expiring one. If you’re no longer using the certificate mentioned, you can safely ignore those emails.

Thank you. In my case, one domian disappeared last November. Will I received this message next month and so on? Is there any method to say to lets encrypt that we don´t use this domain?

Just let the certificate expire. Once that certificate is expired, you won’t receive any more alerts for it.

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