LE tries to renew certificates for deleted domains


Using Webmin I used LetsEncrypt to autorenew SSL certificates for a domain that has now been removed from the system, completely deleted from the server. But I continue to receive expiration notice for this domain.
Is there a way to stop it?
Thank you.

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You should receive three expiration notices--20 days from expiration, 10 days, and the day of or before. That's perfectly normal, and no, you can't stop it without completely unsubscribing that email address, which will remove it from all communication from Let's Encrypt.

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Hi @TVS24 and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

The easy way is to wait another few days for the expiry and then they will stop.
That said, if whomever is now using that domain name renews it with LE (and doesn't register an email address), you might get more emails about it in the future...
So, in that case, you are kind of stuck with an "all or nothing" choice.
If you use that same email address for other domains, then you need to continue using it (and can't remove it).
If you must stop those emails, then you can do so by removing your email address from all such emails (but you will also lose emails for all other domains).
I would try contacting the current domain holder (if the domain is still registered) to ensure that should they use LE that they register their email address.
[if the domain was unregistered, then I would not worry about it]

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