Why do i have trouble with https to server panel ? and how to route http to https?


why do i have trouble with https to server panel ?

also, do i have to make a re-routing from http:// mydomain to https://mydomain ? or is there a setting that re-routs http to https ?



Hi @Frank1000

your https://server.uptoconcept.com/ is good, a new Letsencrypt certificate.

But your port 8443 has a wrong certificate. So accept the wrong certificate, log in. And check your Plesk certificate configuration.

I don’t use Plesk. But there may be an option to secure this internal port:



It’s the same problem there:

If you have a lot of domains, then use the admin tool only with one domain.

If you don’t want that, you have to create one certificate with a lot of domain names and install that.

But I don’t know if Plesk supports that.


ok thank you


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