Website only opens externally from network, cannot access site internally

For understanding of whats happened so far:

Running certbot did not give me https

After successfully fixing the problem listed above, it instantly gave me a new problem where i cannot access my site internally, meaning any computer or device within the same network as the raspberry pi housing the website.

My domain is:

Not a cache issue, as its with every device in the network and ive cleared cache on all of them. Any ideas on what this could be or if anyone has seen this before?

For preface:

Before i added the cert, i could access the website just fine internally and externally, right when i added the cert, i could no longer access it internally.

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Are you able to access the site internally via HTTP at all?
Does your router support hair-pinning?
Do you have access to any device on the internal network that has networking tools that we might be able to use for troubleshooting?

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Hi @garrett_kidd

the exact error is required.

Wrong / old hosts entry? Ip or domain name used? Wrong dns setup?

Or a timeout / firewall?

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