We really need to use letsencrypt command? better certbot?


At UBUNTU terminal is easy to install and use the certbot command, that is perhaps the most used and with a bigger community … So, is really necessary to use the letsencrypt command? There are something that letsencrypt do that certbot not do?


certbot is the more recent version of letsencrypt ( there was a change of name )


Thanks @serverco (!). Well, if somebody using letsencrypt, is using something junk… I need to remove it and install certbot… Ok!

Let’s add a natural question: what the simplest and secure certbot --hooks way to expand certificate?… Before was --expand.

How to install certbot at UBUNTU 16 LTS?

Here you are linking to “letsencrypt-cli” which is a third party script and not the same as the original official “letsencrpt” script which became “certbot”

for information about using “expand” see the official certbot documentation https://certbot.eff.org/docs/using.html#re-running-certbot

How to install certbot at UBUNTU 16 LTS?

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