Should we use certbot-auto or letsencrypt-auto?



I read this forum post but I’m still confused

I’m using certbot-auto because it’s what’s always worked for me in the past. The site lists ‘letsencrypt renew’, should I be switching now to letsencrypt-auto even though certbot-auto still works?

Thank you.

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letsencrypt renew is what you would run if you have installed the client through your package manager on a distribution that shipped an older version of the client where it was still called letsencrypt, such as Ubuntu 16.04. The version in Ubuntu 16.04 is a bit dated and I would recommend sticking with certbot-auto (which would give you the latest release).

Basically, if you’ve been using certbot-auto, that’s what you should continue using. If you ever switch to a version of the client provided by your distribution’s package manger (as more and more distributions add native packages), the command would likely be certbot going forward, but it’s perfectly fine to stick with the certbot-auto installation method.


Thank you! I will continue using certbot-auto.


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