Upgrading from letsencrypt-auto to certbot-auto

I have noticed that I am now getting a warning that letsencrypt-auto is no longer the latest version, doesn’t auto update and that I should move to certbot-auto but I cannot find anywhere how to do that.

Are there any instructions someone can point me to?


certbot-auto is a drop-in replacement for letsencrypt-auto, so you can use the regular installation instructions from the certbot homepage and just use certbot-auto instead of letsencrypt-auto whenever you want to run the client. The configuration previously stored by letsencrypt-auto will continue to be used by certbot-auto.

Hi pfg thanks for getting back so quickly.

I understand that one is a direct replacement of the other but if I run the installer for certbot-auto will it overwrite the old install and remove letsencrypt-auto or do I need to remove it first and then reinstall?


You don’t need to do anything other than run certbot-auto. The script will take care of the rest.

Perfect, I’ll give that a go thanks.

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