Upgrade letsencrypt from v1.9.11.1 to V2

I’ve a Windows server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5. I’m using a program letsencrypt.exe (v1.9.11.1) installed on that server to generate letsencrypt certificate of multiple IIS sites.
Now it do not generate certificate for new sites (End of Life Plan for ACMEv1).
Where can I find letsencrypt.exe V2. I’ll have problems on my old server to install and execute it?

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Hi @direzione22

check that tool if there is a version that supports ACME-v2.

If not, switch to another client.

That tool may use the name letsencrypt. But that says nothing, you must ask the maintainer of the program.

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Your using an old version of win-acme (https://www.win-acme.com/) previously called Let’s Encrypt Win-Simple. You should upgrade that.

Note also that Server 2008 R2 is old and is past it’s end-of-life support, so you should upgrade to a new OS as soon as possible as this won’t be getting updates and all the tools will stop supporting it.

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