Letsencrypt v1 to v2


Recently got an email from lets encrypt saying this, as im running IIS but my question is how can i check if im running v1 was reading around and found the github to update but want to make sure there is no issue on the upgrade using this software

Thank you


According to our records, the software client you're using to get Let's 

Encrypt TLS/SSL certificates issued or renewed at least one HTTPS certificate in the past two weeks using the ACMEv1 protocol. Here are the details of one recent ACMEv1 request from each of your account(s):

Client IP address:  181.xx.xxx.xx

User agent:  ACMEdotNET/ (ACME 1.0)
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If you are only running the single client at that IP, it would be safe to assume that “User agent: ACMEdotNET/ (ACME 1.0)” is NOT v2 compatible.

According to the GitHub link, the latest version is v2.1.4
[you might want to trying upgrading]


Thanks for the reply, it seems that the version i was using is the 2.0 of the github win-acme which they put out the 2.1 version Thank you again

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I think you might also need to check your Settings.json file, since on the docs it’s the setting for renewal, new issuance and other things.
Just make sure you don’t have anything in your system that have reference to ACME v1 api.

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