Updating rate limits domain

We got a rate limit increase for “dbs.local.ravendb.net”, (see previous discussion here:
[Solved] Rate limit increase didn’t seem to take ).

After a security review, it was recommended that we’ll move avoid the use of a nested domain by our users and move to a top level domain.

We want to move the same functionality to:

I sent a rate limit form extension a week or so ago, but I haven’t received a reply yet.
We have a release upcoming and I really want to get this right in time for it. What we really need it to either get approval to these domains or to shift the existing rate limit extension to these.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

To clarify, you want certificates for those 5 names exactly, or are you still using subdomains?

If it’s the former, you shouldn’t need any rate limit extension at all, after a week any rate limits should have fallen off.

Hi, sorry, I was unclear.
Yes, the usage pattern is for our users to generate things like:

“a.user-id.ravendb.community” and “b.user-id.ravendb.run”, etc.

This isn’t just for the root domains, but for certificates on the subdomains that users will use.

Hi Ayende! Happy to help. Sent you a DM.

-JP, Let’s Encrypt staff

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If users are able to generate a lot of different subdomains, shouldn’t your domains be on the Public Suffix List? That’s what the list is for.

As a positive side effect, you’ll get a “free” rate limit exemption :stuck_out_tongue:

Been trying to registered there for the past few 3 months, no response yet:

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