Unbale to connect website domain after ssl configuration

I am hosting website on google cloud engine,
i am using apache on debian,i followed all steps but after all steps completed existing https:///dominaname.com is not connecting to client (browser) it’s showing 443 page not found error

hi anuj,

quick question: have you tried to access your website using the IP? for example, to see if the webserver will still connect. This will help you determine if your issue is the web server or the domain name resolution.

Give it a try and write back.


Hi @anuj_9292,

It would be great if you could tell us the domain name, what client software you used, and what commands you ran.

www.renewate.com and renewate.com
apache on debian wheezy
i followed steps above link
i confuse with apache2 configuration
i had done some changes in sites-available files
for domain name and domain alias

no i have static external ip
how to do that

can i get https without domain name in my own server instance

can you tell what changes need in /etc/apache2/sites-available files when installing ssl encryption

Hi @anuj_9292,

Trying to determine if your webserver is accepting connections or not. Your site must have some IP associated with it. If you ping your website domain name - it should return an IP that it is using. Take the IP that you saw in the ping output and try to connect with https://(IP of webserver). If you don’t have https configured yet you can just try to connect with http://(IP of your webserver).

You can google how to ping if you need to.


It looks like renewate.com is working just fine over HTTPS.

It is missing the green padlock due to mixed content issues. You can learn how to fix that at whynopadlock.com.

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