443 error page not found after encrypt

i am hosting http website on google compute instance,
Machine:- Apache on Debian 7 machine
what are changes need in apache.conf file to redirect https://domainsite
i am using codeignietor project
i tried but it’s show error 443 page not found for index page

Please describe what exactly You’ve done in apache2 configs to redirect your website to the encrypted connection. Probably Your issue is in the creation of a Virtual Host for Your site in order to make it listen to such connections ref. https://wiki.apache.org/httpd/NameBasedSSLVHosts .
Please show your /etc/apache/sites-enabled/domainsite.conf file.

i have done some changes in sites-available
1 overrride to None to All line no 2 default conf file
2 added domain name renewate.com
3 domain alias www.renewate.com

now i revoke the cerbot encryption
is that possible to https://static ip address
eg. using cerbot

The Let’s Encrypt CA does not issue certificates for IP addresses, so you cannot use HTTPS by IP address with a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

The site has "issues"
https://www.renewate.com forwards to https://www.renewate.com/renewate
https://www.renewate.com/renewate/ works (with trailing slash)
https://www.renewate.com/renewate fails (without trailing slash)

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