UiPath Orchestrator SSL certificate by CA

Is the first time for me to create a SSL certificate for an external authority and I’ve choose letsencrypt.

My problem is more about how to start.
I don’t know If you heard about UiPath Orquestrator. It’s a web application that is installed in a virtual machine.

Ive got a virtual server machine for the orchestrator (2012 R2) which, within the office, we can access through HTTPS protocol with a Self-Signed Certificate. It Always shows a not secure message in the url but still works.

NOW we have a client that need us to bee using a SSL certificate made by a Certificate Authority.

The problem is I don’t know where to start.
I’ve saw that let’s encrypt has some certbot but i dont know what to choose. Also if i don’t want to do it with powershell the other option is to see the host provider, but is a local machine.

I think i’m missing something.

Sorry if i’m not being clear I’m a little lost in this. So I’ll apreciate every little help

Thank you

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Hi @Nahitek-KevinDS

start with some general basics.

A worldwide unique domain name is required.

Then read something about challenge types:

If you have a domain name, you can start.

Then select a client.

That's platform specific.

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