Twitter @letsencrypt_ops integration broken?

:wave: Hi folks,

Is the @letsencrypt_ops Twitter integration broken or maybe stuck? I notice there hasn’t been an update posted by the account since the July 2nd release.

If I check I can see there was a deploy announcement on the status page for July 7th that doesn’t seem to have a matching tweet from @letsencrypt_ops.

It doesn’t look like the missing July 7th deploy was reverted or otherwise skipped, because production Boulder is currently reporting a commit hash/build date from the 7th that matches the status page update:

Boulder=( +cb06fe8 Wed Jul 8 01:38:25 UTC 2020)

Could someone check if there’s something jamming up the status page -> twitter integration? cc @staff



Thanks for the report @cpu!

I’ll check the integration. It’s possible it is not working.

I checked the history, it is possible the check mark wasn’t selected to tweet the updates but I can’t find that let’s me see if it was or not.

Update: While writing this there was a Cloudflare DNS outage that let us test our Twitter integration and it looks to be working (at least now). I’ll keep an eye on it for next deploy.


Thanks! Best of luck weathering the Cloudflare outage.


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