Today's outage - questions about status page update

First off let me say that it is incredible that there are free SSL certificates available to the entire planet, so I applaud everything you guys are doing. It’s amazing to be able to offer SSL to my clients without their having to pay.

However one of my clients’ apps is down at the moment so their company operations are at a standstill (or rather they’re being processed at a snail’s pace using mostly-forgotten paper-only techniques).

I’m keeping an eye on and the information there doesn’t give me any ability to predict when service might be restored. I just says “soon”. Is there a way to get a more detailed report on status and expected future developments?

It’s a long shot since I’m not familiar with your code or server setup at all, but if there’s anything I can do to help with the situation please let me know.


  • Luke

Hi @wlgriffiths, apologies for the disruptions

I split your post into a new topic since it was unrelated to the DirectAdmin error.

The status page is the best place to follow updates and future developments. If we have more accurate information it will end up there.

@cpu What actions are you taking to solve this? Have you found the cause for the “stability issues”?

/User in Sweden

Any idea when it will be up again and we can start creating certs? it is reported down for everyone (by is it down or its just me) at this point

Does anyboday knows of an ETA for this fix? I cannot renew any certificate.


The status page is the authoritative source. There won’t be any updates on ETA here. Please follow the status page.

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