Let’s Encrypt is currently experiencing an outage

Hello, when i try to renew my ssl certificate i receive a message: Let’s Encrypt is currently experiencing an outage, please try again in some time. For real-time status, please visit - https://letsencrypt.status.io/

When I go to that status site, I do see a message that their test Certificate Transparency server is having an outage, but certificate issuance should be working. Can you clarify what command you're running, and what exactly you're seeing?

Maybe it's some client which is trying to be helpful by checking the status before trying to renew, but isn't looking at which specific service is having an outage.

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Hi, i'm not running any command just try to renew the certificate and on the first step - website verification i get this message :frowning:

Well, when you say "try to renew the certificate" people here won't know what you mean, since there are a lot of programs one could be using to accomplish that. Is this something built in to your web hosting or the like? If you don't know a name of the client, maybe you could include a screenshot?


Hi @bodyfitnatty

looks like you use WordPress with a Letsencrypt plugin, that uses https://letsdebug.net/ to create a pre-check.

The problem is simple: Letsdebug show informations from letsencrypt.status.io, but in your case, it's not relevant.

The author of that plugin should change that or should add an option, so that Letsdebug-check can be skipped.


Exactly yes i'm using word press with SSL Zen plugin

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well, the problem will solve when Deactivate and delete the current SSL Zen plugin and install a new version of the plugin available

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Ah, thanks, so we know, the actual Zen-version doesn't have that problem.

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