Update Registration/Key Rollover Temporarily Unavailable

Hi folks,

Thanks to a report from the community we’ve identified a regression in the current staging/production Boulder release that results in requests to update a registration/account or perform an account key rollover returning 500 errors if the account has previously been updated.

The fix has been identified and a new integration test was developed to help catch this problem in the future.

Due to travel engagements and pre-scheduled vacations we have limited staff resources available this week. Evaluating the scope of impact & available resources we have decided to not hotfix this problem in production and to instead allow the fix to be released as part of the normal release schedule.

As a result account/registration update & key rollover requests will be expected to fail until the production release on Thursday September 28th.

I will update this thread if circumstances change and as the fix reaches the staging and production environments. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi again,

Quick update: The fix has been deployed to production and the Update Registration/Key Rollover functionality should now be restored.