An unexpected error occurred

(Full Disclosure: I know the servers are down and everyone is posting on the forms that their clients aren’t working. I feel left out so I figured this is an opportunity for me to feel involved and for you to give me the crappiest possible advice you can. The rest of the post is legitimately true though.)

I was trying to run certbot certonly --webroot on my FreeNAS to re-encrypt my server so it would no longer be certified to and it would just go to my.domain. I ran the command and i got a message saying, “The server experienced an internal error :: The service is down for maintenance or had an internal error.” Did I do something?

Our Let’s Encrypt team was notified of a problem and began investigating it earlier this morning. As we continued to look at the problem, we decided that it would be best to prevent all API traffic and set Boulder (the CA software) into maintenance mode instead of just returning errors at the final step of issuance. The message you have received is because all API endpoints are unavailable. The status page was updated to indicate that all endpoints are unavailable.


Interesting to know. Sounds pretty rational. Do you guys have an ETA yet of when you expect boulder to be back up?


We’re working on a fix as we speak here.

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