Old "bug" still there

Not sure I’d call this a bug (as such) but there’s an error message (sorry I can’t reproduce it now) that pops up when you try to create too many certificates in a short period.

Trouble is that’s ALL it says. There’s no mention of the 3 hour lockout (?). I assume that I read someone else’s comment about that.

It’s a pretty minor issue but easy to fix and it would help to know how long we have to wait and why we were locked out. (Personally, in my case, it was because I’d updated some stuff on the microserver and I’d flubbed the domain name.)

Hi @marcdraco,

You'll find all of the information about our rate limits and how long they last on the rate limits documentation page.

There's an open Boulder issue to include links to the documentation in the rate limit errors to make this easier in the future. I'm hopeful we can address that issue in the new year :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you @cpu, that’s helpful.

Honestly, so thankful we have this service - the last thing I want to is make it harder for the people running it!


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