Got hit by the rate limit

I somehow ended up requesting way too many certs at once, and I honestly did not expect this to kick in. Could anyone walk me through on how or when will this be lifted?

My domain is at, and here’s the query for my site:

Hi @huckleberrypie,

You have reached the 5 duplicated certificates per 7 days limit so, if you want to issue a new certificate covering domains,,, and you need to wait till tomorrow aprox. 2018-Jun-08 10:28 UTC

Anyway, you can issue more certificates right now if you add or remove one domain but as you have issued 5 valid certs, why you can’t use any of them?.


It got expired already, hence why I am unable to use the ones I have.

But 8 different certificates have been issued for your domain in the last week. They aren’t expired.

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Strange… What I get if I update through webmin is that I am hit by the rate limit. If I apply the certs from the site, the certificate renewal warning no longer appears, yet I am also hit with a different error message in Firefox.

And by the time I requested for a renewal or a new certificate, the same rate-based error appears.

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