My website suddenly returned an "invalid SSL" but was fine yesterday

It was supposedly a routine day but then I noticed my maintained website ( gave out a warning/error saying that the SSL is invalid/untrusted. Just yesterday I was accessing this so I immediately checked if I got expired and the auto-renew didn't kick in but wasn't the case. Also tried to re-issue it through the CPanel, which turned out successful but still gave an invalid cert when you try to visit it.

BTW, I'm running the website through Stablehost's shared CPanel hosting. I did reach out to the support guys there if they know something, given that I didn't see any significant or particular issues shown on the IO status page.

Anybody knows if there is a current issue happening?


Hi @geekyemoticon and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

No issues being tracked or being heard of today.

Your cert was reissued today, that's good.
But it seems to have been renewed early, which means it wasn't automated.
Someone likely made some changes and they may have broken something.
Or it was broken long ago and only took effect today when the service was restarted.

If I had to guess...
I'd say Apache has something to do with it [just a wild guess].

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

I was the one who re-did the issuance as triage if that works or if I might have overlooked the expiry.

I think it's on the apache side where my hosting space is parked since I noticed the SSL cert being served is a wildcard supposedly for "" domain. Will probably report this to them again with this additional information.

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Hi both, hope you don't mind me jumping in. I came across a similar issue - my site "" was running fine but the SSL ceased to be valid all of a sudden a few days ago. As far as I recall, we didn't make any change to the site. I want to try fixing it before troubling my agency. How can I find out what happened? Much appreciated if you could shed some light on this.

Hi! I think the problem for your domain is an expired cert. Your encountered problem looked the same but different cause.

When I tried to access your website, it gave out an Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE.

Further checks confirmed it based on the info I got from the browser alone.

Might need to check your hosting on how the cert was configured/issued in the beginning and if it did not do an auto-renew.

Just to share: according to my hosting provider the error was related to an update they applied to their BitNinja WAF. Now whether they just reverted/disabled/patched it I'm not sure, but now my site works with the correct cert.

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Will check as suggested. Thanks so much!!!

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