Broken link for the diff posted by @letsencrypt_ops

I think there is a bug somewere in the soft used to post on twitter updates from : it's not the first time that the link is invalid: :

We are updating Boulder to +a1b98d9. Changelog is …...

The diff link should be Comparing 699c7e4...a1b98d9 · letsencrypt/boulder · GitHub

Other tweets with broken link:

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This is probably a bug in the Twitter posting code, because the links from do work. (I click on them all the time. :nerd_face:)


Yes, the link on are always correct! I didn’t know if Let’s Encrypt posted the tweet themselves or if did it. I pinged them on twitter (I’ll update this thread if they answer)

Update: Broken link for the diff posted by @letsencrypt_ops


After a PM, responded privately, they confirmed it’s a bug on their end, and said it should be fixed today or tomorrow.


Thanks for pointing this out, and for resolving it with! How great to come to this thread and find it’s solved. :slight_smile:


This is right as we tweeted out to them as well. Thanks for helping out with this and I’m glad to hear they’ve got a solution!

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