Too many certificates issued

I apparently had my crontab set wrong and it issued/renewed too many times and was wondering if there was a way to reset it or do I actually have to wait? If I have to wait, how long would that be? Because I really need a certificate for my site. Thanks!

There isn’t a way to reset the limit, no.

What exactly is the message (including domain names) ? from that I can tell you how long you need to wait.

Why do you need a new certificate ? can’t you use an existing one ( since you have been getting them too frequently )

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Well, I had to re-install my O/S on the VPS and lost the certificate otherwise I would have done that.

This is the message:

Error: urn:acme:error:rateLimited :: There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains:

It looks as if you created 5 certs on the 17th Feb and one on 18th Feb, so you will need to wait until next Friday ( 7 days after the first of those) to obtain another identical certificate.

I’d suggest that you set up a subdomain (such as ) and then obtain a single certificate for both and which you can do now ( since the rate limit was for the identical set of domains - and you didn’t have the www subdomain in your cert.)

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So I have to wait 7 days to make a cert for both and Also, how would I make one for both?


You need to wait 7 days for an identical ticket ( i.e. for only).

You could obtain a certificate now for or one containing both and

How you create one for both depends on your operating system, what client you are using etc. How did you obtain the certificate for ? did you use certbot ? if so then use -d -d to add both domains.

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I’m using certbot on debian jessie with apache2

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