TLS Cert for Grandstream UCM62xx

Hi Team,

As Grandstream’s default request certificate is “lets encrypt”. Does anyone know how do we generate TLS certificate for Grandstream UCM62xx.

GS UCM is a SIP Server ( pls see:


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Hi @romush.tuladhar

that’s an unknown product.

May be you should use the forum there -



Checked the forum and manuals for Grandstream. It says we can download certificate from “lets encrypt” but checking the forums here, i cant see any Grandstream related issues registered here by anyone.


No, that’s not how Letsencrypt works.

Start with some basics.

You have to use a Letsencrypt client.

Normally, you install that client on the machine you want to use the certificate.

So the client

  • creates a certificate
  • and is able to install the certificate

You can install a client on another machine, only create a certificate, copy it manual to your device and install it.

That’s possible, but it’s painful.

So normally such special devices should have integrated (and own) Letsencrypt clients. If yes, that’s always the preferred solution (Fritz Box, Synology DSM, a lot of other products).



hi Team,

i still am not able to get .pfx certificate… how do i do this for Apache running on UNIX systems.


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