Purchasing SSL Certificates

Hi Team

I am from Amplifon New Zealand
I want to purchase the SSL Certificates for a new platrform - comms.dilworth.co.nz.csr

If you can advise how i can process this as it this is uregent


Hi @nakeebnajath,

Let's Encrypt doesn't sell certificates; they're all free of charge.

They're also all issued via an automated API with no human intervention. That means you have to use some compatible software to request your certificate.

The best case is using software that is integrated with your web server, and running on the same machine. In that case, the certificates can be renewed automatically.

Since you have a CSR file it looks like your current setup or certificate issuance flow is not integrated this way. You may still be able to use Let's Encrypt but it may be relatively cumbersome and high-effort because most of the tools are not optimized around using a pre-existing external CSR file (and especially not about automatically renewing the certificate for you in this case).

You can find more information at


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