How to submit CSR to Let's Encrypt

I have managed to generate a Certificate Signing Request through my cPanel. How do I go about requesting Let’s Encrypt to issue a certificate?

Hi @valkar

that’s not how Letsencrypt works. That’s “old school” - if you want to buy a certificate, you send that CRS to the CA.


and check your cPanel, if there is a direct support of Letsencrypt. If not, it may be impossible to use Letsencrypt.

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One might be able to use the cPanel API to install the certificate, if it’s not available through the web interface. See the script from It could even be automated/scripted.

Thanks for your replies. I have used Let’s Encrypt certificates through SLL4FREE so I believe it should work. Unfortunately SLL4FREE is taken over by ZeroSLL and is no longer issuing free wild card certificates. Otherwise I am quite new to Let’s Encrypt and am trying to learn more about how it works.

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