Standalone, Manual, Webroot stats?

@schoen curious if the Letsencrypt end keeps track of stats of which authentication method folks use for obtaining SSL certificates ?

Just curious :smiley:

The client doesn’t communicate any of those preferences to the server. What we do know is what kind of challenge was satisfied.

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@jcjones thanks i see :smile:

Does that read as

  • simpleHttp = 215 valid
  • dvsni = 188 valid


That matches the plot tab :smile:

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@jcjones, couldn’t we also see whether the challenge was made to the same IP address that was speaking ACME to us? That might also indirectly give some more information about the kind of authenticator that was used.

I think it’s possible, but that may be easier in the audit logs than the database. I’d have to go look at the Boulder source code.

would it be of any use to keep track of integration type stats too ? i.e. an additional command line flag like --client-type=value

which would have values

  • standalone
  • manual
  • webroot
  • cpanel
  • directadmin
  • plesk
  • caddy
  • centminmod

so you could allow 3rd party LE integrations to pass a unique identifier to your servers for stats you track ? if the value is empty, it will respectively default to the 1st three values depending on authentication method used.