Let's Encrypt Stats


I noticed a decline in Let's Encrypt certificates on the stats page: Let's Encrypt Stats - Let's Encrypt. Is this a bug in the statistics, or is there a reason for that? Just curious (awesome services BTW)!


There aren't any intermediate "entries" in the graph it looks like, it's jus the peak on the "left", a few days/weeks nothing, a single entry all the way down, another few days of no entries in the graph with regard to entries and then after a few days a small rise as a single entry again.

My bets are on a bug in the stats, but perhaps @lestaff knows more :slight_smile:


We’ve had some problems with the data pipeline for that graph and are already working on it.

Calling it a pipeline is generous: It's a series of cronjobs to export data, collate it, and do some computation to produce stats. It hasn't had enough attention and generally starts failing if anything goes wrong with it, like if a network connection times out for any reason, which happens occasionally. We then need to go in and manually re-run parts of the jobs to make sure no data is missing (which is the state we're in right now).


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