Let's Encrypt statistics


Here you can find some statistics about about LE:


Nice !

The last graph (certificates-by-tld) is broken


wow surprisingly 69% of certificates are for .net domains https://letsencrypt.org/stats/ !


I think that’s a bug with the graph, I have seen it before but it resets back to .com being the most.

Currently it displays 25~k for .net when only 12~k have actually been issued.


@molyfra ah nice catch !


It is also interesting how “invalid challenges” are displayed in green. IMO that’s not the best color to choose for something which failed. :smile:


Activity surely spiked this month :smile:


congrats on breaking 21k mark for issued certificates !

2k jump from November 23rd to 24th !

How large is Let's Encrypt compared to other CAs?

Letsencrypt stats from Dec 2nd midnight to Dec 3rd midnight = ~9.3k certificates issued !


nice numbers 3.33 days after public beta opening https://letsencrypt.org/stats/ :smile:

@jsha @schoen any break downs of number of domains in each issued certificate ?


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