Milestone: Half a Million issued certificates!


The counter is at 499842K something, but that seems to be lagging. I’m amazed by Let’s Encrypt and what it already has reached!




Well what do you expect from a sandbox. People are playing. Issue certs for the sake of it. These numbers are meaningless. Tell me how many live production sites are utilizing a Let’s Encrypt certificate. Raw number of issued certs is meaningless for a service such as this. Especially at this stage of development.


W3 Techs have some information about market share, but not absolute numbers (this is by root certificate, so you must look at Identrust, not Let’s Encrypt):


Here you can see more statistics:

Issuer Name C=US, O=Let’s Encrypt, CN=Let’s Encrypt Authority X1

It’s from the Certificate Transparency logs


congrats ! regardless if their live or not it’s a great achievement in such a short amount of time

and this is with rate limiting in place ! imagine if the rate limits were gone :slight_smile: