SSL Autorenew failed

Please help. Getting this error below with AutoSSL.
Cant find anything related to on the DNS records.

DNS DCV: No local authority: “”; HTTP DCV: The system queried for a temporary file at “”, but the web server responded with the following error: 403 (Forbidden). A DNS (Domain Name System) or web server misconfiguration may exist. The domain “” resolved to an IP address “” that does not exist on this server.

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Do you mean that your domain name isn't pointing to the IP of your web server?
If so, only you can fix that.
[you, and anyone else who has control of your DNS - hopefully that is a very small number of people]


That might be causing your certificate issue, but it's not ONLY causing certificate issues. It means your entire website is not functioning.

Please fix your website first (by pointing your domain to the correct IP address) and afterwards try getting a certificate again.


The DNS for definitely lists as the IP address. Did you mean That has a completely different IP address (actually it has 2 via a couple of CNAMEs): 0   IN      CNAME         0       IN      CNAME  0       IN      A  0       IN      A

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